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1. Check the catalog before creating a thread to avoid duplicate threads.
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Evangelion Thread #194

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Hunter x Hunter

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Hooni / Suicide Boy Thread

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Post Actual Images This Time, You Idiots Edition
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Feet thread

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Can we have a boy feet thread? Please, I love all male feet, I don't see feet the same way people do, this is my lust and my obsession.
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Sk8 the infinity

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Crona Gorgon

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I love Crona Gorgon, my love of my life, I'm still a bit drunk but want a thread of him cause e is the best ^^
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Top 150 Greatest Husbando Battles

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Here's a stupid awesome idea. Post below this one fights him, post below that fights the second fighter, we keep going until the thread is filled with husbandos. As long as everyone is cute and male this should work.

Uhhh.... I guess I have to do the first five posts.
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Husbando chart thread

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You know what to do.
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