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Applebee's is good
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>I can't stand turkey, it's so dry and bland
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What are some immediate red flags that someone has childish, underdeveloped taste?
For me it's
>getting a burger "no vegetables" i.e. no lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or pickles. i.e. just meat, cheese, and maybe some kind of sauce
It's really just repugnant that people live their lives like this. It's just embarrassing
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Lightly sea salted KETTLE chips with ketchup

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Holy shit bros, have ck tried? None of those salty Pringle ones or Lays

webm thread

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it's time to discuss great disappointments

my mom has never supported my cookery, I'm great at cooking and have been doing it for years ever since I was a kid. (I have the waist line to prove it heheh)
she wont eat anything I've ever made because I make "weird stuff" according to her. One year on thanksgiving I made pumpkin stuffed ravioli with a sage brown butter sauce and an orange spiced duck with lingonberry sauce. Nobody even took a bite of any of it

but now suddenly my sister who's 10 years younger than me has taken an interest in cooking and my mom is so proud of her for making basic ass shit. she shows me pictures of some spaghetti sauce she made and a "charcuterie" board which was just triscuits and pre-sliced deli meat.
Where the fuck was this praise when I spent 3 hours making ossobuco literally 1 day earlier?

so now suddenly my sister is in charge of making easter dinner with her special macaroni and pesto, ooooooh wow 5 whole ingredients mashed together, so impressive!
yes I'm mad
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Uber/Delivery cringe thread

>See that Tim Hortons does delivery via their app now
>Being Canadian, 90% of my Christmas gifts were Tim Hortons gift cards
>App allows you to pay for delivery with them, sweet
>Order a large coffee
>Says it'll take a half hour
>"Lol okay, guess I'll wait"
>40 minutes go by, get a call from a Quebec number despite being nowhere near Quebec (thankfully)
>Ignore it
>Map shows delivery driver going the wrong way
>"The fuck"
>Get that call again, pick it up
>Staticy Indian voice saying idk what, sounded like the phone was like 4 meters away
>All I heard was "order"
>"Uh yeah just leave it at the door like I specified, bye" and hang up
>Suddenly get this text (pic rel) and am confused as fuck. Especially since it's doordash which it said nowhere in the app.
>Go down to do my laundry while I wait and see guy with doordash bag peering into building
>Text him "are you sure you left it at the door?"
>Answers yes
>Go back down and he's still trying to get in for some reason
>Go to door and yell at him that I said leave it, I don't want covid
>He throws my order down and sprints away with his head down
>Cleaning lady looks at him then me then shrugs
>My coffee is spilled everywhere and I never get my refund

That was my first time with doordash. Great impression.
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Pheasant cooked in duck fat

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Am I setting myself up for failure by skipping the bacon and covering the bird in duck fat?

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Rate my lunch fellas, am I gonna make it?