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I was making taco chicken and I juiced two limes and threw the peels in to stew with the chicken and now there's a shitty lime peel flavor going on. Any tips on how to counteract this?

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>Go to hotel restaurant because there’s no other restaurants in the town I’m staying in
>get served unsliced bread with ice cold butter
>order the ribeye
>It comes fucking lukewarm with no caramelization, and a giant lump of unrendered fat hanging off the side
>veggies are basically raw and unseasoned
>world’s shittiest baked potato with a plastic ramekin of sour cream
>total cost: $45 plus tax and tip
Holy shit I must be the stupidest person on earth for not sending this shit back when I had the chance.

Cooking feels thread

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ITT cooking feels. I'll start:
>ywn cook for your /ck/ frens and impress them
>ywn have a fancy kitchen
>tfw you feed someone and lie when they ask for the recipe because secret ingredients should stay secret
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*enhances your palate*
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Why are “”””people”””” like this?
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is it really that good?

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I like Chinese joints because they don't give a fuck if I call in an order 10 minutes before they close, they will gladly make it for me.

On the other hand, I've walked in to other places 45 minutes before close and try to order something, and they start sighing and getting all pissed off.
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McDonald's Chef here, AMA
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ITT: Things that are not worth making from scratch
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Which fast food burger chain has the best standard burgers? I'm referring specifically to their standard burger combo(s), none of the crazy stuff like bacon cheddar onion triple stack burger or something wild. What is the best basic fast food burger?

I hadn't been to a fast food burger place in years, having only ever gotten breakfast at McDonalds when I went to one. So I decided to go on a tour of them. I started with a quarter pounder from McDonalds and a big mac. I was not impressed with either. The big mac lacked substance and the quarter pounder failed in its task of being a solid meaty version of the standard McDonalds burger. It was tasteless and stale. I really enjoyed the whopper, it had a nice solid taste to it, and it had the least spillage of the burgers I tried, I assume due to its large width. Lastly, on my way back from a relative's 60th birthday, I just tried the Wendy's "Dave's single". It was much better than either of McDonald's offerings but it fell short of burger king. It just didn't have that same solid taste.

I think next I'll be trying Carl's Jr. I don't know what I'll do after that.
I didn't think the "best standard combo" question would be as compelling so I left out sides for now. You're welcome to mention them though. I really like having the option to get onion rings or something besides fries with my burger. Wendy's had that but their options weren't compelling. Chili and a baked potato isn't my thing.

So yeah. What do you think about the fast food burgers on offer and where should I go next?
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