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>Drank a whole liter of vodka last night
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For me, its spaghetti topped with cinnamon chocolate meat sauce and piles of cold shredded cheese. Nothing else hits the spot quite like it.
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What is a definitive list of dishes invented by african americans?
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its that time again bros
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I use a pringle can to properly transport my sandwich at work
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Is... is it good, bros??

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r8 my breakfast /ck/
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Deep Frying at Home is a BAD IDEA

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Are you still foolishly risking peoples' lives to deep fry at home? I think it's a REALLY REALLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY bad idea. Should it even be legal? Children die from it.
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I just got approved to open an Arby’s franchise,, am I making a big mistake?
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Items you wish weren’t discontinues

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Man no photo cuz I’m high but why did Tostitos stop making the home style salsa chips:(
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