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erorolita general

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Post your fav coordinates
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Let's talk about anything Canadian. Preferably convention and cosplay related.
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Ita Thread: Just Replace the Colors Edition

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Old bread >>10587526
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Classic Lolita General - Valentine's Day Edition

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Last thread: >>10495249

Discuss new releases, share coords, and ask your classic-related questions
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Secondhand Market Chaos: RARE and authentic edition

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Old one is saging: >>10584518

>making its authenticity a point but not even showing the tag
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QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

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This thread is for questions that don't deserve their own threads and/or can't be asked in one of the following help threads and Generals:
Cosplay: >>10568892
J-Fashion Stupid Questions Thread: >>10574142
Handmade Lolita Thread: >>10550825
Craft General: >>10458855
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Angelic Pretty General: Jelly Candy Tears Edition

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Previous thread >>10591633

MTO when?
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Concrit Thread

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The second coming of mana-sama has appeared.

A new prophet has been born.

We should follow our new lolita queen

The savior of /cgl/.

Praise be LovelyLor-sama.


down with negative threads that attack girls within the community such as >>10589717 this ita thread. We shall all follow Lor-sama's advice and create a new thread to replace it. I bring to you my fellow gulls TCT ( The Concrit Thread).

If you don't know what concrit is or how to properly concrit here's a guide made by the ever so lovely Lor-sama

do not derail the thread
do not post ita's that didn't ask for concrits
be kind to your fellow gulls
LovelyLor has the final say
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Invent a New Lolita Substyle Thread

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Make coords, have fun and please keep your autism to a minimum.
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