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Old School Thread - Is the hype finally over? Edition

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Last one >>10618110
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Lolita General: Return of Hawase Edition

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Last one
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Feels thread

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"The first con after covid is gonna be a nonstop orgy" edition.
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Lolita TikTok

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Thoughts on lolita TikTok?
Any interesting accounts?
Is it worth contributing to?
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Ita Thread

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>>10632815 previous one
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Lolita skirt coords only

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Give me some inspiration and show me all your coords with skirts
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Reaction to your first dress

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What was your reaction to seeing yourself in your very first coord or very first lolita dress?
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Taobao Thread: Must Stop Spending Edition

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Surviving Summer in Frills

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There's going to be a heat wave in my city this week. My parasol is ready but my gothic wardrobe is crying.
How do you gulls survive the heat? What are your go to pieces for the hottest days of Summer?
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