>So first thing off the bat, Undertaker..

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>The Summer Of '92..
>That shit actually happen?
>Well Joe Kevin wo-
>Jamie pull up the rape statistics for that year
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How does AEW's ring rats compare to other promotions?
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Now I see a lot of people online and in wrestling communities trying to tear down the old Snake with what they consider the "Worst promo of all time" but in reality we the masses have been too dumb to understand the level of kino that Jake was throwing down
>Everyone over the years have attributed the "You wanna play 21? I've got 22" line as being a sign that Jake doesn't know the rules of Blackjack
>In actuality what Mr. Roberts means is that he has a .22 Caliber gun, and that even if his opponent truly has the perfect hand he will not walk away the victor because Jake is vicious and will do anything to win.
>The line "Do you wanna play blackjack? I got two of those too" is then him saying that he has two actual blackjacks, a type of crude club used to bash people
>Finally the line "You wanna play Aces and Eights? I got too many of those" is probably the most kino of them all
>Aces and Eights goes by another name. They are called "Dead Man's Hand" because it is said to be the cards that Wild Bill Hickok, a famous outlaw, was holding when he was shot dead
>Jake is then implying that he has led a trail of men who thought they could best the snake only to wind up dead at his hand over the years.
It's time to face the facts, that even while ballooned off his ass on enough drugs to kill a bull, Jake Roberts could still cut a more cerebral promo than anyone else in the history of the business.

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>630 lbs
Can you outlift Buddy Murphy, /asp/? It sure would be embarrassing if some of you were weaker than a manlet.
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Was 97/98 DX fun or cringe?
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Now that the dust has settled who has the more comfortable job now? Jeff in Smackdown or Matt in AEW/Impact
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Taker on the Joe Rogan show

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>"It's tough right now for me, because the product has changed so much, and it's kinda soft, y'know? I'll probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it. It is what it is. To the young guys "oh he's a bitter old man". I'm not bitter, I did my time. I'm good. I walked away when I wanted to walk away. I just think the product is a little soft. There's obviously guys here and there that have an edge to them, but there's too much pretty and not enough substance right now."

>"I think one of the big things that happened is that the generation before, we all got old at the same time, and so there weren't enough guys to work with the young guys. I can give my theories on what you should do, you should do this or maybe you could try this. But until you can actually get in the ring and actually do it, it doesn't really translate a lot of times. And then you have too many people on the internet and say "these guys on the internet say I'm pretty fucking good". Okay well you can listen to them, or you can listen to somebody who's been there and done it. So I think there was just not enough merging of the young and new talent.

>"When we had Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn, all these guys were working together and making money and we were drawing, and then we all kind of aged out, y'know, and then it just left these young guys to learn with more young guys, and the product changed. The PC training center is helping, we got Triple H y'know, great wrestler, he heads that whole thing and he's trying to get some of the toothpaste back in the tube, trying to move it back to kind of take a step back to move forward to give the product a little more edge, and I think that's what it's missing."

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Let’s Talk Butterfaces

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Overwhelmingly true...female wrestlers have hideous faces.

I like to measure the level of butterface by the disparity between the 1-10 ranking of their body to face.

Case in point, Penelope Ford. Great body, a 9 in her ring attire (I’m guessing the South Philly tit job looks awful underneath). The face is at best a 4. A tremendous butterface.

Who else do you have? Eva Marie?
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>Dimes look
>Looked decent in ring
>Fired by NXT
Why are they allergic to dimes
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