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>mass-breed rabbits in cages artificially
>aggressively throw them into a snakes cage
>dude its nature LMAO
>I love ANIMALS!
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Hello Ferns i would be glad if someone can recommend a Dog Breed that is “good” for Beginner Owners.
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/dog/ general

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Totally knackered from hiking Inna woods and playing ball edition

Old thread >>4034968
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What's the point of yell loose dogs to "stop" or "come back" when the majority of the time they never listen.
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>Neighbor has an outdoor cat
>Cat brings a dead mouse to my front door
>Eats the mouse
>Leaves a half eaten mouse three feet away from my front door
>Vomits up the rest of it right in front of my door

Fuck outdoor cats.

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>But the truth is riding elephants should be avoided. In the US, organizations, including the Humane Society of the US and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, are against riding elephants because of the abuse the animals undergo when they are taught to carry people, as well as safety concerns
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Dilinize saygı duymuyorum

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Beyaz tenli İngiliz kaltakları Londra Sohoda kızlarınızı da oğlanlarınızı da sikerken büyük zevk aldım ve her yıl göt deliğinizi sikmek için geliyorum. Asla dilinizi konuşmayacağım çünkü dilinize saygı duymuyorum

African pygmy dormouse

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African pygmy dormouse is an animal

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I've literally never been here, but i have an interesting story and it just occured to me that we have an animal board I can post it on.
So if any of you guys know the Youtube bitch SaveAFox, she runs a fox selling plantation or whatever, I have a story for you.
I have a friend that bought one of her foxes and stayed a week with her at her house.
The crazy bitch wanted to sleep with my friend but friend got a weird vibe from her.
One night at her stay, friend told me the girl randomly came down into her room at like 1 in the morning, sat on the edge of her bed and asked her if she wanted to die. Obviously friend got weirded the fuck out by this and just said, "" and the girl went back upstairs. My friend is ditzy a idiot and didn't really think much of this. Anyway the next day or so the bitch went back into her room and destroyed all her stuff, shredded her clothes, smashed her laptop ect. ect. My friend called the cops and threatened to blast her online with how crazy she is (she had photos of them together and her destroyed room) if she didn't pay for her shit. Girl flipped out and just payed for her laptop, my friend gtfo after that.

This was all like 3 years ago or so she said and when my friend told me it tripped me out. Anyway just thought you guys would be interested.
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