I need someone to identify this thing.

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Hi /an/, I saw this thing crawling up my wall a few hours ago and I have no idea what it is. All I know is it can swim fast.
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webm fren
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Should i use cbd

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My cat is maybe 10 years or so. He has a very cloudy eye now and it has me worried. Its only his one. I use a light and look into it and his one eye ball has visible veins and cloudiness as you can see in picutre.

He is overweight but I wouldnt say he's overly obese.. Should i use cbd for his eye? I have 5 cats, we keep the food bowls filled. Is that an issue, could it be diabetes?

I love this fuckin guy, hes a tank. Killed foxes and other cats in baltimore. All 5 cats and 1 dog are inside animals btw.

>pic related, his eye
>first post ever on this board please help
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what animal has the best booty?
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Post everything related to 'em here
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Climate change

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What will be the short term and long term effects of human caused climate change?
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/kot/ - Cat General

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DNA test edition
Previous: >>3829567
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/aq/ Aquarium General

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Freshwater Goby Edition
Previous: >>3832031

Discuss anything aquarium related here, including inhabitants, decor, and issues. Before asking questions in this thread, make sure you give us at least some details when asking a question, such as:

>Tank size (include dimensions, not just volume)
>Parameters (ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, GH, KH)
>Any inhabitants + how long you've had them
>Pictures are always helpful

Tank Cycling:

Stocking and Water Change Calculator:

Articles and Care Guides:

Aquatic Plant Database:

Saltwater shit:
>brs 5 minute guides
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My cat ate a small bird falling from a nest, how to deal with this?

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I feel really shitty and angry at my cat, but i realise I eat chickens and other animals food too, its just sad to see that little birdie being eaten, not experiencing life.
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