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Considering dropping out of college

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>Army Veteran
>Decide to use them sweet education benefits (literally get paid to get a degree) and enroll to get degree in Information Technology
>Realize within first week of school that it’s all a scam used to rob stupid/gullible kids of money they don’t even have for a pointless degree that won’t even get them a high paying job so they can be wage slaves for life.
> Also immediately realize that “college culture” is literally a cult and that ironically most college students are dumb as rocks (met smarter people in the fucking infantry)
>Quickly try to grind out degree and gtfo. Immediately become the student that does the bare minimum (literally never attend classes or participate in any cult activities outside of what’s required most students don’t know I exist. Still have above 3.5 gpa)
>2.5 years in with associates and on track to bachelors that normally takes 5 years within 4.
>Still getting paid to go to school with 0 debt
>Fucking tired of pointless classes, loser professors, and retarded students (“hey anon that class where you can literally get an A for having a pulse was really hard! I had to take it 6 times!”)
>college cult is full of fat blue haired feminists, noodle armed basedboys, and an annoying obsession with race/gender diversity (for fucks sake can they please stop writing 500 page books on how whites and men are evil? I’ve heard it a million times now and my degree is fucking IT)
>the rumors are true most colleges are full of insane people and degenerates
>”you can do it anon just gotta suck up 1.5 more years for that degree that you’ll probably never use and will only serve as a check mark on your resume”
>mfw I’m literally being paid to get a degree AND am over halfway done and I still want to drop out.
>Each “write a 1000 word essay about queer oppression” assignment makes me want to blow my brains out with my 12ga. Actual IT classes pretty useless since the internet exists.
>TLDR: college is fucking retarded