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>be me, flirty male prude
>known for hitting on every hot girl at bars by coworkers
>don’t sleep with them, just looking for someone to click with
>if you want numbers, I can get them
>if you want girls, I can bring them
>I’m treated as THE MAN by anyone who knows me
>one new coworker brings fiancé to bar we’re all at
>big group, no one wants to go talk to girls so I’m bored
>coworker’s fiancé tries to dance with me
>puts her hands on me, I take them off of me
>coworker winds up giving me shit about it at work week later
>hardly remember, had to be reminded
>apparently she had blue hair, has two half-black kids from previous fling
>coworker said I looked bored, so he sent his girl to dance with me
>I explain I don’t interact with people’s girls beyond polite formalities
>coworker accuses me of being gay because of it

I feel he’s basically offended I turned down his girl for a dance, based on the gay part. The next few days after I saw him he was colder than usual, and I’m not really looking to fix things since I did nothing wrong in my book. When he mentioned the blue haired part, after I had known about the prior kids part, it clicked in my mind that even blacked out me had higher standards

I hate having morals in 2021. Seems like everyone is a retard and it bothers me that I’m accused of deficits for just trying to keep myself above all of that