Really scared to live in homeless shelter

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I have nowhere to live soon and no money or not enough to afford housing.

I’m a girl and there aren’t many women’s shelters in my area.

They also told me people there will steal everything from you, so I have no idea what to even bring.

Thirdly, I naturally attractive bullies cause I’m just that kind of person and have been my whole life.

I’m also scared I’ll get covid and die since the rooms are shared.

Any ideas or advice?
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I've got to make a plan so my celeb crush will notice me, know I exist
Any ideas?
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Is it normal to feel uncomfortable around your dad without a bra on?

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What I mean is if I’m wearing home clothes without a bra underneath, I feel extremely uncomfortable.

Is that normal? I have to be wearing a tshirt with a very loose thick baggy hoodie to feel normalish.
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Diagnose me /adv/:

Whenever my girlfriend is over, I can't wait for her to leave and go home
Whenever my girlfriend is not here, I can't wait for her to come over again.
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I'm tired of being demonized as a white person

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Am I wrong for this?

>was bullied all through middle and high school relentlessly by a group of black girls that hated me because I was white and blonde. they made my life hell for years
>made friends in college with a group of black people but realized that they only kept me around to make fun of me as the token white person in the group, they never accepted me because I was white, even though they were my best friends and they liked me
>everywhere on the internet I see constant demonizing of the entire white race: how amoral we are, how disgustingly trashy we are, how we're betas that don't deserve anything, by black people

I understand that the white retards out there who claim "muh master race" are autistic and that behavior should be ridiculed and ostracized from society since it's very harmful. But I'm just...fed up I guess? With feeling like shit for being born white, for always being treated like shit and laughed at by blacks even though I did nothing to them.

I'm not racist and never have been, and I'm not trying to compare my frustration and sadness to what any other minorities have had to go through at the hands of white people. It doesn't compare. But is it wrong for me to be upset and frustrated at this?
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Why do tall guys hate tall girls? I'm 5'10 and tall guys have never paid any attention to me. The tallest guy I ever dated was 5'11 and he said being with me was like dating another guy and he left me. Now he's with a girl a foot shorter than him and I can't help but feel insecure about my height, knowing that I'll never be able to feel small and petite around a guy.. and that there's something wrong with me for being this way.
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fwb with an older woman

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I'm friends with an older woman (42), former colleague, we meet outside occasionally. She's not very pretty (3-4/10 at best) but has a petite body that I find attractive. She's also clearly single and has been for a long time, to my knowledge; I'm painfully lonely and horny, haven't had sex in 2 years, and I've considered for a while now to invite her to watch a movie at my house and suggest some fwb deal - I don't know if she'll take it but I doubt she'll slap me or be offended.

Thing is, when we meet and talk I fantasize about fucking her, I imagine tenderness and passion and a convenience, but once I cum and clear my head I reevaluate and conclude that sex with her would actually be awkward, passionless and mechanical, and that judging by her face she likely doesn't maintain her body to look sexual. And it hurts to say, but she's someone I'd be ashamed to willingly admit to friends that I fuck.

Should I make a move? Getting laid regularly might give me the confidence I need to hit on women I'm more attracted to, but I don't just want to fuck some stranger off tinder.
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Get it off your chest
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Why are average/ugly-looking women a lot more meaner and harsher than most pretty-looking women out there?
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i want to contact a friend i got into a fight with to apologize and maybe resolve things but he got rid of all means of communication
so im thinking of trying to get in touch with him via someone else and trying to get him to talk to me
but i feel like i fucked up so much that i cant get myself to get in touch with him in fear of what he would think of me now
at the same time i just want to talk to him and be friends again, i dont know what to do
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