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Ask the Opposite Gender Anything
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Eliezer and Rebekah Edition
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How do I kill myself

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First of all: this ain't a cry for help so save me all pf that shit, I already went through this a lot of times and I'm honestly tired, don't try to dissuade me because it won't work.
Now, coming to the method, it's been really hard for me to think about an easy way to do it, initially I thought about going to a railway at night, lying on the tracks and force myself to sleep with a heckton of sleeping pills but the city I live in has mostof its railways either underground or in the city, so they are lit up and hard to get to. I could jump off an aisle but I could survive that and I don't want to end up handicapped.
I also thought about using my medication but they are pretty weak, I'm on xanax and brotizolam and I doubt I could die on that (though maybe mixing them with alcool and taking a lot of them, though I don't know really how much that would be). I also thought about using them to get respiratory difficulties and then suffocate myself with the plastic bag method). What do you think are the most easy fool-proof ways?

Also I should point out I live in a country where I can't access guns.
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Any advice for reducing bloat and cleaning yourself out after binging a bunch of junk food?
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How important is a woman's sexual history for guys?

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I've been with two guys. Both long term, one bf for 3 years, very normal. But one ongoing sugar daddy/whore relationship 2 years and counting... There's no happily-ever-after with the whoring relationship (he explicitly told me) so eventually I will have to find someone else. He doesn't have any intentions to dump me atm but it's only a matter of time.

Is my sexual history something I should reveal to future partners? I'm not comfortable keeping it private because it feels like I'm being deceptive/lying. Would people mind if their partner did a stint of sex work if their total body count is only 2?
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It keeps getting worse

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So i did what you guys adviced me to do, but my thumb is still getting worst every day, by this point i just want to know if i just keep hitting it 2 times a day with alcohol and changing my socks, or i really need to go to the national hospital (just as a reminder, my country was in quarantine till march of this year).

Also i need to mention that i don't have Neosporin, if it's really crucial then I'll go to a pharmacy in the city center (really far away of the outer city's "human settlements").

GIOYC: Get It Off Your Chest

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Get it off your lovely chest anon.
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So I been dating this girl for a few weeks, kissing, sex the works. The other day my best friend was having just a chill hang out, food, movies. Told me to invite friends if I wanted, everyone was welcome to hang out. I told the girl I was dating and she was gonna bring a friend too, Im like cool more chicks the better. So she brings a dude. I casually just ask how he knows her, and he's her close friend she hangs out with sometimes. They went to some big video game convention a few weeks before I met her. At some point he left and she was like, I feel so bad for him I hope he can find a girlfriend.
A few days later I invited her over to chill, and he dropped her off...
So now im worrying, and I dont know why exactly. This a possible cheating thing, or is this some simp that hangs with her, and what if they ever became me. I dont care if she has friends, but a straight male friend.... If this is too fishy Im fine with cutting her off. What do you think it is, and what should I do?
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Another work week

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How do you cope? I’m so cold and miserable
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Guys help me with this bizarre case. I was completely taken into incel dogmas until I met my neighbour and somehow he violates all the principles of the incel ideology.
>late 30's
>balding and he doesn't give a shit
>in the looks department he is probably a 5/10 maybe even less
>not particularly wealthy, has an IT job in a telephone company, I don't live in the states, people in this sector here don't swim in cash
>lives on rent
>messy and clumsy
>likes autistic hobbies like obscure tabletop games and Asian films
>former junkie
>terrible fashion taste
>raised by a widow
>can't even cook a pasta
>barely acceptable shape
>cancer survivor during his mid 20's.

Despite all of this I have personally seen him with multiple women, in February I've seen him fucking 5 different girls, one of them grew obsessed with him, he personally showed me her thirsty messages. Yet this guy is the antithesis of Chad.
There is only one thing that I noticed about him. He has a great social life and people wether male of female love to be around him, even I can't deny that he has a certain charm, talking with him is just cool, he is never boring and certainly a smart guy, and he really could care less about other people opinions on him.

Just wtf is going on? I spent years feeling like shit and one suicide attempt yet this guy is changing my perspectives. Could it be that incels are actually fool of shit?
Look I know about the blackpill and all that jazz, but I am really tired of feeling this uncontainable self hatred and pain but for the first time I feel like I could change if I just had better attitudes. Should I give it a try?
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Are men still sexually attracted to an overweight girl if she has ass and tits?

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So I'm a 21 year old female, I've always been on the chubby side, around 20 pounds overweight. I could lose the weight (and have before) but I can only do it with severely restricting and weight training like crazy, and that just sucks to maintain. I'm not in any health danger, so I choose to stay a bit overweight for now. But lately I keep seeing threads about men in a relationship with their overweight girlfriends and just not being attracted to them at all because they don't have the big tits and ass that usually comes with being overweight.

Will men really be attracted to a chubby girl if she has big tits and ass, or are they not really attracted to her still, and just using her for sex is more pleasurable if she has these things? I've read so many of these threads I feel like I'll never be loved, and if I am it will only be for my tits.
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