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I love you, anonymous. Get it off your chest.

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Career trouble

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I have always been a square peg and have liked a strange life- now I'm 25 and haven't studied or started a career and many doors seem closed for me.

>During my school years I was a formidable chess player and won a number of competition in science and engineering
>career tests in high school were anomalous or inconclusive.
>Thrown out of a series of educational institutions for being a motherfucker
>did odd jobs and traveled the world
>Primarily interested in soft analytics like detective work, HR, business analysis, defense analysis etc.
>spend afternoons reading governmental and inter-governmental policy submissions for fun and doing strategic modeling.

I know I will never be able to make peace with low paid, low skill jobs that don't use my skills- the longer I am forced to work in them the more frustrated and combative I become.
The way out is education, but private study won't get me anywhere and I can't survive in an educational institution.
>start own business
Tried three times, shut down by government first time, went bust second time, broke even third time when market closed

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Same story you see anywhere.

The girl that ive hit off really well with just told me she has a boyfriend. I feel like i caused this on myself with my own expectations. Any coping advice.
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Can you really find a gf on tinder? What kind of women do i expect to find on there? Is it worth it anons?
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old geezers are creepy

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taking care of my grandparent, and when i am trying to help them with their medical equipment they always stare at my private areas. even if i walk past going into another room they will stare at my ass as i'm walking by, or if i turn my head over my shoulder i can see that they are staring after i walk past

i'm normally good at ignoring things, but this has grown to piss me off way more than i thought it would. the compliments on my physical appearance at this point are unwelcomed from them.

when i attempt to address the behavior all i get is a contradiction of "i wasn't even looking at you" or "i don't do that" when i can clearly see where they are looking.

how should i take a different approach? is there something that i can wear that wouldn't show off so much of my body when i'm helping them? trying to verbally address the behavior and how it makes me uncomfortable is always always always met with a verbalized statement from them saying "it's all in my head" etc etc
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I want to kill myself but I have no money or gun, what to do?

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>be super pure guy
>no sex before marriage, refuse to look at other women
>if I accidentally see porn, I block it with my hand
>gf promised me that she would do the same
>always saw her as pure being like me
>now she confessed me that she has been watching porn so many times she can't even keep count
>feel cheated on and terrible that my gf saw other men naked
She promised me. I believed her. I feel so sad.
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I have been falsely accused of rape and doxxed.

>friend I've known for years has breakup with her boyfriend
>while dating her boyfriend, whenever we would go out to drink, she would get drunk and try to kiss me, a few times this happened after I and a mutual friend dropped her off at home
>I pushed her away every time because I saw her like an older sibling, and don't find cheating an attractive quality
>the night she broke up with her boyfriend, she wanted to get drinks
>i told her she shouldn't
>she ends up drinking anyway
>i'm not in any emotional distress, so I keep up with her, she's older than me, and responsible for herself
>2AM approaches, its time to leave the bar
>she lives around the block from the bar,
>the area she lives in is not nice at night, so I do the right thing and walk my friend home
>takes two hours to walk around a block because she's absolutely plastered. Picking her up off ground, stopping her from throwing shit and yelling at passerbys.
>attempts to make out with me three times while we are both drunk. At this point I tried to sober up because the situation is bad.
>I know her trying to make out with me isn't right because we're both still drunk,
>I push her off
>at one point she gives me a hickey
>finally get her to her house and she starts crying
>tell her to fuck off
>she wakes up the next morning and sends me a huge text telling me she doesn't like me, feels like I took advantage of her
>the last 5 years she's been name dropping me every chance she gets when someone brings me up, or if I'm merely mentioned in passing conversation
>I never liked her like that, we were just friends from back in highschool 10+ years ago.

I've saved all conversations between me and her. Told our mutual friend "we can't let her drink anymore because she gets very stupid." right after it happened.

He told her what happened, and knowing her well, she regrets it and has been falsely accusing me of rape ever since. Never taken to court over this.

What do?
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How do I get a mother to beat her adult son?
I want my own place but I don't have any appreciable skills for money so I'm aiming to get bux.
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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