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I swear in the name of lucifer himself, and the very beautiful, and original mother of man Lilith.

Please just shut the fuck up and go to bed, I know you're looking for an issue. It's too late for that. Fucking weirdo.
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Fucked a girl 1st date yesterday. We have a lot in common, she slept over. Told her to text me when she got home this morning, she did. Then she texted me to ask for my playlist, I sent it to her, she said "I love it"
How to proceed from here if I wanna keep her around? Do I hit her up tomorrow to hangout on tuesday or is it too soon?

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I'm trying to no fap to see what happens. I'm struggling on day 2, I'm super anxious. Any tricks to calm the fuck down?
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Time management

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How do you do it?
>40 hour job
>have 1 summer class
>come home from job feeling depressed, don't want to do anything
>leave class for weekend
>weekend come, all tired and want to catch up on sleep
It's my first time working 40 hours, I can't drop that one summer class either, luckily it's out of my work time so I have time to come back and start on it but I've been suffering from lack of motivation and all that shit.

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Tell me about your mother anon.
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European Youtube age restriction

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Is it possible to bypass the new european age restriction?
It forces me to send Google either my credit card information or a a picture of my ID card to "verify" my age. My VPN doesn't do the job anymore, since they started tracing my registered E-mail too. My PC has a Windows 10 OS and I've got an old iPhone, if that's of any importance.
Please help me escape the clutches of European bureaucracy and bullshit policies.
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how does a person in their late 20s find their passion in life?
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One of my best mates girlfriends (who I've been friends with for years - well before they started dating) keeps sending me hentai and in the past has flirted with me when she's drunk and he's not around.

>what do?
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My friend group of 13 years suddenly and totally cut me out, I asked one of them about it and he subtly told me nobody liked me anymore, I've been cut off before so I told him to have a nice life and haven't messaged anyone to avoid hounding after them. How do I cope with this? How do I go about making new friends? Pic unrelated