Men with a "dark side"

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Women constantly say they like men with a "dark side". What does that mean? Does it mean they like men with a temper or some kind of weird perverted twilight vampire shit?

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Why am I attracted to older (40+) men and not men my age?
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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I miss my boyfriend. He’s in jail and I have nobody to talk to about this without the stigma or judgment. I’m the farthest from codependent but I don’t know, I just feel a pain in my chest

Can someone give me some advice?
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How do I kill myself ? 29 year old virgin asking

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Kissless virgin at 29 years old.

I have an unstable art job ( animator) Been unemployed for a month. All of my friends are getting houses and shit and I'm still living at home with my family.

I only got a couple of bucks in my pocket and the only woman I seem to attract are uglier woman .

I dont feel love anymore. I just look. I just feel like I'm not going to make it big anymore

So should I kill myself. I feel like I should use carbon monoxide the best way to go.

But I'm to pussy wiped to do it.

I dont know . What should do ?

Considering dropping out of college

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>Army Veteran
>Decide to use them sweet education benefits (literally get paid to get a degree) and enroll to get degree in Information Technology
>Realize within first week of school that it’s all a scam used to rob stupid/gullible kids of money they don’t even have for a pointless degree that won’t even get them a high paying job so they can be wage slaves for life.
> Also immediately realize that “college culture” is literally a cult and that ironically most college students are dumb as rocks (met smarter people in the fucking infantry)
>Quickly try to grind out degree and gtfo. Immediately become the student that does the bare minimum (literally never attend classes or participate in any cult activities outside of what’s required most students don’t know I exist. Still have above 3.5 gpa)
>2.5 years in with associates and on track to bachelors that normally takes 5 years within 4.
>Still getting paid to go to school with 0 debt
>Fucking tired of pointless classes, loser professors, and retarded students (“hey anon that class where you can literally get an A for having a pulse was really hard! I had to take it 6 times!”)
>college cult is full of fat blue haired feminists, noodle armed basedboys, and an annoying obsession with race/gender diversity (for fucks sake can they please stop writing 500 page books on how whites and men are evil? I’ve heard it a million times now and my degree is fucking IT)
>the rumors are true most colleges are full of insane people and degenerates
>”you can do it anon just gotta suck up 1.5 more years for that degree that you’ll probably never use and will only serve as a check mark on your resume”
>mfw I’m literally being paid to get a degree AND am over halfway done and I still want to drop out.
>Each “write a 1000 word essay about queer oppression” assignment makes me want to blow my brains out with my 12ga. Actual IT classes pretty useless since the internet exists.
>TLDR: college is fucking retarded

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I'm soon 22, live with my mom and I feel like my life is in a standstill. The only thing going for me is my masters in psychology which I will get in about 3 years. I have no money and no connections. I feel like I'll never find a good job and never be successfull. It frustrates me a lot because I know I have a lot of potential but I feel like I'll only get a dead end job at McDonalds. I even tried getting internship at crisis internvention but I got rejected at the first stage ( in which they just asked about personality. They told me to apply for a different internship) I feel like there's no hope for me and I really don't know what to do with myself to move my life forward

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I got ghosted because I ‘challenged’ her celibacy and then she ended things when I said how illogical it is to be celibate. Did I dodge a bullet? I feel heartbroken but I know she is very childish, she said so herself.
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Get It Off Your Chest /GIOYC/

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>be me, flirty male prude
>known for hitting on every hot girl at bars by coworkers
>don’t sleep with them, just looking for someone to click with
>if you want numbers, I can get them
>if you want girls, I can bring them
>I’m treated as THE MAN by anyone who knows me
>one new coworker brings fiancé to bar we’re all at
>big group, no one wants to go talk to girls so I’m bored
>coworker’s fiancé tries to dance with me
>puts her hands on me, I take them off of me
>coworker winds up giving me shit about it at work week later
>hardly remember, had to be reminded
>apparently she had blue hair, has two half-black kids from previous fling
>coworker said I looked bored, so he sent his girl to dance with me
>I explain I don’t interact with people’s girls beyond polite formalities
>coworker accuses me of being gay because of it

I feel he’s basically offended I turned down his girl for a dance, based on the gay part. The next few days after I saw him he was colder than usual, and I’m not really looking to fix things since I did nothing wrong in my book. When he mentioned the blue haired part, after I had known about the prior kids part, it clicked in my mind that even blacked out me had higher standards

I hate having morals in 2021. Seems like everyone is a retard and it bothers me that I’m accused of deficits for just trying to keep myself above all of that