How to de-lolicon?

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Hypothetically if I have lolicon tendencies how do I get rid of them?
Other than killing myself or nofap
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/ATOGA/: Ask the opposite gender anything

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So if your gf is avoiding you but still calling and texting you, why is she doing it?

It’s so odd, she doesn’t want to see me, but she wants to talk about plans for the next weeks. Why? I mean she literally tells me she is going to see a friend on that day or just watching shit on Netflix on the other day. When I say “let’s do x or just chill together” she says “you know I am busy”.

Do some women want you to break up so they aren’t the bad guy? I mean it feels damn clear she is avoiding me. The only weird thing is she still wants to make all these plans, that is really odd.

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How does someone get into sex work or prostitution?
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When i was younger i was a bully, i was a troubled kid that liked to drink lots of alcohol and i had a complex with my height and wheight because i'm a chubby manlet and beating up weaker people made me feel less shitty about my body

But ever since i turned 28 i've become more mature and established, im a lawyer and ive changed. I'm an adult by all means.

My problem is that last night i was at a restaurant dinning with my girlfriend and some faggot i used to bully was there with a girl that i assume was his girlfriend or his wife, i didn't recongized him at first but i didn't cared when i did and ignored him.

Maybe he was triying to impress his girl, maybe the alcohol made him feel brave, maybe he thought that now that we are adults he had a chance to fight me. I don't know. But he walked straight to my table clearly drunk and said "you remember me stupid? I'll kick your ass"

I tried to defuse the situation because my girlfriend was there and she has never seen my "bad" side in a year and a half of relationship, as i said i've changed. But this faggot kept pushing and called me a coward and spilled my glass of wine with his hand and slapped me across the face. I got up and punched him in the face a couple of times until he was all over the floor. Other attendants separate us and i grabbed my girlfriend and left the place in my car before the cops arrived.

My girlfriend asked "why was that?, why was that man so angry?" I told her that it was nothing but she clearly understood that i used to bully him. She also noticed that i actually enjoy violence. She saw it in the stupid smug face i make when i fight. But that wasn't a fight, the guy was drunk and i did all the punches except the first one.

Today's morning i worked up with the text message "i need time to understand my feelings, please don't contact me, i'll contact you when i'm ready" she blocked me from all social media... Is this a break up? I feel a void in my sctomach.
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I feel very bad because my coworker has publicly humilated me today

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OK, let me tell you everything sincerely. Nothing is kept secret. Even the secret things that will surely do great harm to me are told. I don't care. Even if they sue me, there is nothing they can take out of me, I have no money and will never have.

I am a piece of shit. I have a very shitty job I enjoy very much. I am de-facto a neet. For 7 years by now. If I was told that 7 years ago, I wouldn't have beleived that. I expected to quit that job within a month that time.

I don't understand math. I don't understand physics. I have nearly been thrown out ouf uni for underperforming. My thesis is 100% fake, the device described in it has never worked. It is my failure. I haven't simulated it. Because I don't know physics and math to do it.

But I still somehow managed to get a job. $200 a month. You understand, it is not enough for living, it is my parents who provide for me.

All what I do all day long is nothing about my job. Because I understand and know nothing about my job.

Only thing I do all day long is procrastinating. I write software noone needs. (To be honest I also don't need it, it cannot fix my life, nothing can, the only thing I need is to kill myself.) I have written tons of it. More than 150. Some even has stars on GitHub.

It is not about my job. I utilize my job time to write shit noone needs. I put it on GitHub to be used by everyone free of charge.

I do it because I perceive that software as still needed. It is not. We can avoid using it. It is the same way not needed as cars are not needed. We can walk, so cars are not needed.

I waste my lifespan on this shit and enjoy it. No career. No girfriend. No brain. No skills. No respect. No self-respect. No outlooks in life. Just the software noone uses except me.

I have already striked out myself. I am not a Jew. I cannot do math. I must kill myself. Everyone who is not proficient in math and physics must. And if someone is, he has Jewish genes with high probability. It is a good thing.


Positive for covid

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My sister is having a meltdown at me because I just tested positive for covid and have been around her (not super close just in the same room and shit) the past couple days. She keeps going on about how I should have told her when I've had random respiratory infections all my life and had no reason to suspect anything (no fever just nose shit) and I still got tested anyway. I'm so sick of this shit, I got the vaxx and the fucking boosters and everything and I'm wearing a mask everywhere and have resolved not to even go downstairs anymore and she's acting like I've killed us all when she doesn't even wear a mask in public or gotten her third vaccination. The fact is that even though I sanitize and isolate and wear a mask I'm the one with a fucking job so it's not that much of goddamned shock that I'm the one who got it. She's acting like I'm a sociopath. I've apologized like fifty times I don't know what else she wants from me. Literally no one else in the household is upset with me because they understand the situation. I'm so pissed and I don't know what to do
and before "vaccines cause autism etc whatever" i already have autism so i dont care

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>expelled from college
What do I do till September?
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Why is everything shit?
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Get It Off Your Chest - /GIOYC/

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