Fabiniku Ojisan

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Ep.2 of Isekai of the Season soon
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Make and request some /a/rt
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Here's my collection and tribute to Kaori from Akira (1982/1988).
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Does Usogui get better?

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I caught up to volume 24 after seeing the storytime threads who piqued my interest. Aware of the countless praises for this manga when discussing works like Liar Game, FKMT stories or gambling manga in general, I finally decided to read Usogui.
I just finished the tower of karma arc and if there's one word I'd use to describe the manga so far it would be:


Yeah, this is another one of those with a super genius protagonist that figures out everything, but without the proper writing nor setup to make the payoff satisfying.
Ironically, the only arc that had a reasonable twist with a thinking opponent and solution that I've seen so far is the Tower of Karma.

Almost every gamble putting Usogui in the spotlight has some retarded twist involving supernatural powers of perception, thus making every scheme and psychological warfare tasteless as everything can be explained by "muh artificial vision, muh chromestesia, muh high frequency sound, muh referee not noticing the shirt with bugs on it" etc.

>b-b-b-but the foreshadowing
Doing callbacks is not foreshadowing, and also the "hints" are only thrown at the reader but it doesn't make sense for the characters in-universe to figure out the tricks when they don't have all the information available to figure things out. Usogui is omniscient, it's bad writing.

>b-b-b-but the fighting parts
Most are poorly drawn or have shitty choreography, except for a few really well drawn scenes and panels when it's about the main characters. But every fight involving Marco/Rodemu follows the same formula, making the referees look like walking jobbers. At least the necessity and importance of violence surrounding the gambles is a nice touch, I love that aspect of the manga. If you can't secure your safety even after winning the gamble, don't expect the loser to hand out the money for free. Not a lot of manga do this, it's nice.

Nothing lived up to the hype, and my experience is sour. Does it get better
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Dragon Ball Super

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It seems like Toriyama is taking this arc to fix DBZ's world-building problems. Think about it, Freeza was presented as the emperor of the universe in Z, but we never really saw how the universe functioned outside of the Freeza force. After Freeza's death, power levels skyrocketed to the point where aliens in space could no longer challenge the heroes unless they were ancient evils (ie. Moro, Buu), an isolated prodigy in the middle of nowhere (Broly) or come from another universe entirely where lore is different. Notice how every alien that has been introduced from the Namek arc onwards still follows Namek arc powerlevels - Tagoma and Shisami were compared to Zarbon and Dodoria, Jaco was compared to the Saiyans, Vegeta said Trunks could defeat the Saganbo gang all by himself and they only got that strong because of Moro's magic, Paragus had a power level in the 4000s, so on.

This arc instead functions as a soft reboot of sorts. Freeza is back as emperor of the universe, but now with a much, much higher power level in the God tiers, which gives some credibility to the idea that random aliens in the universe under his rule could get somewhere near as well. The lore is developed as well, as after Freeza's death we saw that competing factions (Goichi's army, Elec's gang) took different spots in the universe competing for power, meanwhile, bounty hunters (Granolah, Soshiru) came to be as the universe in chaos was now being taken advantage of by bandits (Saganbo gang) which the galactic patrol struggled to take down. At the same time, not only is it believable that the power scale of the universe has widened because Freeza got much stronger himself, but it's also believable because we can expect the universe to have moved on from Namek's power levels already just like Goku and the others have.
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Is Makima going to become the most iconic female antagonist of all time?

Shingeki no Kyojin

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So this was a nothingburger?
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Do you prefer JS or JC characters in anime?
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Why are lolicons so influential on the anime /manga industry?

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>all the best manga are on hiatus
Are endings overrated?
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