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Why are they the best combination?
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Why isn't there ANY space travel anime where they explore other planets? It could be even sold as isekai to draw in the plebs
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Fate/Stay Night [Heaven’s Feel] III Blu-Ray and DvD releases March 31st 2021

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Shingeki no Kyojin

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Are you ready for scarf kino?

>Final season when?
7 December
>Leaks when?
4 December
>Official chapter when?
9 December
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Higurashi Gou

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Pay attention. It's episode 13. All hope is lost, Rika stands before her greatest foe ever, Satoko... But then, SAY IT WITH ME

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Is Eren the biggest hypocrite in the history of manga/anime?
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Dragon Ball Z

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Was Toriyama making a super big mistake when he didn't conclude the Buu Arc with Gohan killing Super Buu? Everything after that point is when the arc started going downhill.
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Goblin Slayer

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Why do people in this world continue to underestimate goblins?

How ignorant can they be of the smarter sub-species and the destruction they cause?
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Let's be real, you fuckers would be bitching about her being an unfaithful monster if she choose to stay in the modern era at the end
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