STORYTIME: Wind Waker (gag manga)

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Never seen it done before, so why not?
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Pretty Series, Aipla, Mewkledreamy

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Myamu is basically Matsuri's younger sister
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Dragon Quest - Dai no Daibouken

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Episode 53.
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Man, this anime is so bad and poorly written. And boomers insist that popular 80s animes were better. Also, it looks like a BL.

Ghost in the Shell : SAC

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>It's another filler episod that doesn't advance the plot in any way shape or form
>Somehow still fails to even manage to serve as good character development or make me care about the characters at all

Alright that's it, I got to episode 17 and just gave up after watching somebody blow himself up literally right in the faces of Major and Batou only for the next scene to show all of them completely fine. In another meaningless filler episode.

Utterly soulless anime.
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why does /a/ get so triggered when a girl says she likes the MC because he's nice? The first step for being romantically liked by someone is being a nice person
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Chainsaw Man

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When will Fujimoto finally start working on part 2?
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This show has been out for years and people still haven’t realized that the sexiest girl was Sawako the whole time
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Konata's fat butt...
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