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How's your regimen going? How much did you get done this week? Are you sticking to your diet?
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Golden Kamuy 269. Wilk's Way of Doing Things

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New chapter time, get in for more ainu gold truths(?)
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Saw the movie and other than the CGI on the train, it was great. Did my part to make KNY movie highest grossing anime film ever
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There's a new episode tomorrow and not a single thread.
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So how are these retards gonna take over Vollachia?
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ITT: tropes you love
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World Trigger

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>What you think you can come here and fight me you fucking manlet
>Get on the ground and suck this dick before you get hurt
>Leave Ninocuck to me
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Shingeki no Kyojin

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At what point did Jean give up on Mikasa?
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Detective Conan Ep 999

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After the new episode starting in about 20 minutes, we should have our first preview for the 1000th episode, which is a remake of Moonlight Sonata. The episode itself today is just another anime original.
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I can't believe Prichan and Mewkledreamy subs are still behind.
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