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Every female major character in this manga will end up teen pregnant.
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is it possible to civilize the beastkin in isekai?
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Evangelion 3.0+1.01

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>This echoes the message of the film—the moral that Shinji learned over the course of the story. If you selflessly love those around you and strive to help them attain happiness, you’ll never be alone yourself. People will respond in kind. This is how we can all make our lives—and our world—a better place.

>And I don’t know about you but to me, that’s a damned hopeful note to end a franchise on.

Do you agree with this take?
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Akagi Storytime Volume 23

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It's been 22 days since the 30th anniversary of Akagi's serialization in Kindai Mahjong

Akagi vs Washizu continues with the Sixth Hanchan South 1st round 3rd honba

Volume 1 >>223217516
Volume 2 >>223273470
Volume 3 >>223331323
Volume 4 >>223390647
Volume 5 >>223448283
Volume 6 >>223504496
Volume 7 >>223559659
Volume 8 >>223613308
Volume 9 >>223670964
Volume 10 >>223727220
Volume 11 >>223777276
Volume 12 >>223830541
Volume 13 >>223884787
Volume 14 >>223933208
Volume 15 >>223986213
Volume 16 >>224032316
Volume 17 >>224085423
Volume 18 >>224141113
Volume 19 >>224191193
Volume 20 >>224246903
Volume 21 >>224302447
Volume 22 >>224353402
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Dragon Ball Super

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Do you have faith in Toyo this arc? Will the arc start good and end good, or will it start good, then go to shit like with Moro?
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Since the next volume's chapters are looming on the horizon, I'm wondering if the Anon who made that Bingo for the previous volume is planning to make another.
If so, I think it would be cool if we had it a bit early, as while the previous one was 10/10, especially with the updates, it had a few clunky elements like certain bingo combinations being literally impossible to fulfil, and it'd be easier to spot and fix those kinds of issues with more eyes on it.

On that same note, what are everyone's bite sized predictions for the next volume's contents?
Let's give some ideas for Bingo!

If the Anon who made the Bingo sees this, but you definitely won't make another Bingo due but would like to see it continued. I'm sure some other Anon might love to give it a crack.
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AoT ending

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I just finished to read AoT, how the people can say that it's a bad ending?
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WSJ #30 ToC

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ToC is out.
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Shuumatsu no Valkyrie/Record of Ragnarok

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Who would your ideal lineup of humans or gods be?
Hard mode: only one per country/region.
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