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If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

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The day /3/ got told.

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/DAZ/ 3D General - Fabulous Edition

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will 3d scanners and lidar and laser car shit make 3D modeling obsolete?

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will it go back to clay or some sorta gelllo playdoe IRL modeling because scanning will get so good?

some thing about 3d modeling seems wrong like anime for example is still done by pencil then sent off to some one to sharpen and clean up who dont even live in japan

with Ai and scanning and even photography on new phones will 3D modeling skills be worthless soon?

predict the future tho obviously iphones suck right now and are memes but proper scanners eventually
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Software that needs new competitors

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We seriously need software that competes with Marvelous Designer and Mixamo. It's insane how these software have no similar alternatives
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Rendering question

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What's better to render a pretty large scene? CPU rendering with a BIG threadripper and 128 gigs of RAM, or GPU rendering with a Quadro 8000 (those have 48 gigs of Vram)?
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Been trying to rig a model for almost a week now and kept getting raped by the fucking clothing constantly clipping through the body no matter what I do. I tried every single possible tutorial I could find and it still fucks up, data transfer, weight transfer, shrinkwrap, cloth simulation, bunch of other shit, even deleted the body underneath and connected it to the clothing but it STILL clips out at the seams even with proper weight paints. I give up, I'm going back to modelling and other basics, at least I had some experience from this but this fucking shit is beyond me right now.
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Yuo guys better learn how to model horses quick

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>but why
You'll find out in a couple hourse
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fast modelling talent

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i learnt maya s and its shortcuts(never made anything important but still) now moving to blender and it tastes like hell to DWI

any tips? i m not learning fast enough for my projects... its slow...not painful but slow and unimproving..

also included any other software

im just not a part of the great fast learner race i guess
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How long until AI makes 99% of 3D work obsolete so I can make an AAA loli/shota anime videogame alone?
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