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Welcome to /3/ - 3DCG, 4chan's board dedicated to 3D imagery and modeling.


If you're reading this, you probably got this linked to you because you posted a question that has already been asked many many times. Read ahead, and find your answer.

Scroll down for a useful FAQ and resource links
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Blender General

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2.91 just got released!
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/DAZ/ 3D General

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"Don't shit up this thread, OP" edition


>Daz Install Manager or Daz Central?
Whatever you're more comfortable with, they do the same thing. I prefer DIM.

>FREE STUFF (not a comprehensive guide just personal favorites)
You'll also find plenty of stuff on the official forums and sites like DeviantArt.

For optimal performance you'll want a relatively modern nvidia GPU. Though now there are plenty of bridges to other 3D programs and engines.

Non lewd examples:

Previous thread: >>777236
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Would having a glasses free 3D monitor help with 3D modeling?
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2d fag here

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after watching some yansculpts i finally learn how to sculpt.
is it possible to make money from this newly acquired skill?
please do red pill me. no filter needed.
blackpill if needed.
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3d printing health hazards

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Ok 3dcg think I fucked up
I've been sleeping with my printer on for the past two weeks I've lost all my energy, I sleep for 12 hours+, I've had no noticeable breathing issues but I do get headaches

I print PLA 200 on the nozzle 70 for the bed, am I fucking myself? Will an enclosure be enough to stop it from raping my lungs?

Any advice? I might move the thing to the shed outside, warm weather so its fine. Please help. I was banking on this to 3d print a presentation model instead of making it by hand.

Currently printing a 36 hour print so I'm at hour 22 help
My final project will start printing on Tuesday, so I'll print various pieces over the week until next week, I need to have a solution by Tuesday night
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How does it feel to know your skills will be obsolete in a few months/years?
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/3/ confessions

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What's your most deep darkest workflow secret?
I'll start, i paint normals.
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Corrupt bargain.

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The current page for my 200 weapon mod(and lots of other things, of Xonotic) doesn't get me a "community". Thus no one knows of the game/fork, no one plays it, no one makes medeval maps for it, no one uses the extensive additions I added for mapmaking.

I need someone to make a ChaosEsque community website, admin it, for them to be the king there: infact the public face of the game; without my involvement.
(Current page of no community: )

Can you help? I mean: I did help convince the forking of Nexuiz to occur in the first place... and I did make the Tuba model for Nexuiz, and the func_heal, I'm asking for your help now.
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How do I scale a model while keeping it's perspective? For example, this model I created that I want to scale just right so it has less depth, but 3D details persist. I would like to perserve detail in the 3D printed coin (actual print will be 2.5x the scale), but I believe the vertex count is fucking with my slicer, causing a 'step' to develop within the print (it may be the step resolution), nonetheless I would like to perserve the details within the original model without the intermediate steps.
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